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Cutting edge style with functionality

A modern kitchen is truly unique to the house. We take every element of a kitchen and think about it differently so we can create a room that is oozing with style and is a joy to use every day. Nothing we install in a modern kitchen is mass produced, giving you endless flexibility to create a space fully customised to your lifestyle.

At House of Elliott we are cabinet makers at heart; we delight in designing and installing unique pieces of kitchen furniture. We understand how important storage space is in a kitchen and are not satisfied with one size fits all solution. Following a walk around your room and time spent considering the dimensions, together our team will come up with innovative and contemporary solutions unique for you.


Sleek design and practical solutions

A modern kitchen tends to be sleek, clutter free and minimalist. It makes use of a wide range of materials, with designs favouring metal and glass over wood. Clean lines mean handle-free cupboard doors and clever design solutions that hide your appliances while keeping them within easy reach for use.

We are seeing trends towards pull out pantries, hanging utensil racks and even built in pet stations to make dining with the whole family an idyllic experience.